VIP Chalet

Where to go

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to help you organise your vacation schedule or advise you of the activities you can discover a few minutes away from our complex.


Two hours from Athens, Volos and Patra, 15 minutes from the picturesque and cosmopolitan Arachova, 1.5 km. from the turn of the Parnassos ski resort, in the natural beauty and history of a region that deserves to be discovered, combining mountain and sea, the ViP Chalet – 4 seasons, constitutes an ideal place to stay for any season.


Restaurants- Cafe

In Livadi of Parnassos are situated several traditional restaurants of the region. The visitor of the complex can reach some of them even without a car, on foot or by bicycle when the weather allows it.



Within a short distance of the residential complex ViP Chalet – 4 seasons, the visitors can find everything needed, without having to travel long distances, while a mini market is located very close. Furthermorely, Arachova offers a variety of shops, ideal for shopping of all kinds, from traditional to local clothes and accessories.



  • Ski – Skateboard

The ski center of Parnassos, the most popular, modern and safe ski resort in the country with its organized slopes, is located just 15 minutes drive from the complex.

  • Hiking – Μountaineering – Cycling

For those who do not want to ski or for the period that the ski resort is not working, you can discover the mountain walking trails, in a setting of unique natural beauty, in the forest of Parnassos which is full of firs in its most part and pines, black pines, cedars and plum trees. Alternatively, you may choose to visit the surrounding areas and ride the bike paths, and additionally, you can enjoy the challenges of the area by mountaineering or trekking on marked trails. Get yourselves in the beautiful Agoriani through the international path A4, having crossed part of the National Park of Parnassos.

  • Swim in the sea

On April, even if the ski resort is still working, you can ski in the morning and in the afternoon to swim in the sea, in Agios Isidoros beach, just 20 minutes from Arachova. If the ski center is off, you can still enjoy the sea.

  • Horse riding

In Arachova, you can enjoy the nature on horseback, with the help of experienced instructors, just a short distance from the complex

  • Climbing

In Livadi you can find a climbing school of the Ski and Climber Club of Arachova, with professional instructors.



From Parnassos of Livadi you can very quickly and easily discover beautiful scenic places, mountains and sea.

  • Picturesque Arachova, renowned for its history, its natural beauty, its traditional products, local taverns and lively nightlife, only 15 minutes of the establishment.
  • Eptalofos – Agoriani with abundant water and plane trees are located just a short distance from the complex.
  • The famous Delphi, historical Distomo and Saint Luke are located half an hour away and the coastal areas Galaxidi, Kirra and Antikyra are only 40 minutes away.
  • The visitors of ViP Chalet – 4 seasons, having as a starting point our accommodation, can enjoy all these places, but also many picturesque villages such as the beautiful Polydroso, the picturesque Amfiklia and Zemeno, daring day trips during all year.


  • The Korykeion Cave, a walk away from ViP Chalet complex, is an ancient cave, which owes its name to the thick stalactites (“korykas” means leather bag) hanging from the ceiling. In this cave, according to legend, Korikiaii Nymphs used to be worshiped. Several myths and speculations are attributed because of the mystical and eerie beauty of the cave and its spectacular view. Our ancient ancestors believed that a passing road that led to Hades existed in the cave. Near the cave were found the remains of a wall of one of the most ancient Greek cities, while the history of the cave is much more interesting under the eye of an investigator visitor.
  • Delphi, the center of the world, the navel of the earth. The ancient city was known to the ends of the known world for its Oracle. It was the city-center nationwide for the Delphic Amphictyony. One of the most outstanding archaeological sites in our country, which has been visited by millions of people from all over the world to see, to feel, to admire, to find out and to experience the unique dynamic aura of the mysterious “Delphic Landscape” and history , that has been taught across the length and breadth of the world. We highly recommend you to visit the Dome of Athena Pronaia, the Castalia Fountain, the Gymnasium and the archaeological museum, with or without a guide. Experience the magic of these monuments of our glorious ancestors illuminated the world with Wisdom, Power and Beauty.
  • The mausoleum of Distomi, in memory of people who have experienced the brutality of war, “witnessing” one of the most “black” pages of world history. The monument awakens a great historical and cultural reflection to the visitor.
  • The Abbey of Saint Luke. A magnificent Byzantine style monastery of the 9th century AC, just 20 minutes from Arachova. The monastery is listed among the monuments of the World Heritage of Unesco and it is a major sample of middle Byzantine art and architecture, but also a sacred place of Orthodox worship and devoutness.

Summer and Winter

The best time for excursions in the region, is undoubtedly the spring and summer, since the weather allows us to live the experience of the mountain. To seamlessly enjoy the wonderful nature of fir and breathe “mountain oxygen”. In 30 minutes, you can find yourselves in the arms of the clear sea, the nearby and picturesque beaches of Kirra, Antikyra and Galaxidi.

However, for most, especially for the funs of Skiing, Skateboarding and other winter sports, Livadi of Parnassos is the ideal destination for the winter and especially when there is snow. Parnassos is the best and most organized ski resort of Greece, while Livadi is ideal for recreation and relaxation. Book ViP Chalet – 4 seasons, during winter and summer, and experience both equally.